Turning potential into reality

Betterment approach

By implementing a unique Top-Down betterment process, we think beyond the project itself. Seeing the whole picture, we take into consideration the added-value to the urban scene, the neighborhood, the project and our investor’s ROI. Betterment activities are conducted in cooperation with the authorities and are driven by urban regeneration as a catalyst for increasing the supply of viable real estate in Israel.

Potential rises unlimitedly

Rezoning strategies

Where you see a real estate asset – we see boundless potential. All options are on the table when it comes to rezoning. We bring together experts from various disciplines to offer fresh perspectives and an out-of-the-box approach. We then skillfully diagnose the governmental, regional and municipal plans for the asset and its immediate area, to get new insights of what is right, what is needed and how it all comes together for zoning breakthroughs.

The entire process is led by the Fund’s team, according to innovative in-house methodologies. We provide ongoing management during the betterment period, financing, active identification of properties and full accompaniment until the project is realized.

Top performance and powerfull institutional support


Reality Investment Funds realizes assets at substantial premium, working with top Israeli investment firms, insurance companies, banks, pension funds and university endowments, alongside Israeli and foreign HNWI.