Life Saving Organization & Sports Center

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Project Description


Life Saving Organization and Sports Center in Harav Cook, Herzeliya

Between 2014 and 2017, the operations center of the lifesaving organization “United Rescue” (Ihud Hazala) operated in the Reality Fund property located on Harav Cook street in Herzeliya, formerly a Bezek operator. “United Rescue”, the national volunteer lifesaving organization, maintained their instruction center in the property which spreads over 400 meters. The organization devotedly and professionally concentrates and operates for speedy lifesaving. In addition, the property serves as home of the “CrossFit Herzeliya” sports center, the first official club in Israel and part of an international community of over 10,000 clubs. CrossFit is a functional, intensive and varied practice based on a combination of aerobics, body weight and Olympic weightlifting.