Hello Summer

Hello Summer

Project Description


‘Hello Summer’ in Arena, Herzeliya

A wide variety of quality content summer activities, free of cost, for the local community:

‘Arena Surf Time’
Surfing activities for ages 7-17, in collaboration with the Surfing Academy, including building a shaded area that housed a happening, beach stations, smart sun behavior booths and surfing equipment.

‘Urban Dweller Nature Lover’
A collaboration with the Nature Reserve Organization; instructed tours for the whole family. An invitation to take a tour together, view the plants, animal life and amazing nature around the Arena: the “Tel Michal” archeological site, the beach strip and the sea.

‘Healthy Gymboree’
A Gymboree area renewed for the benefit of the local community, which incorporated fun and sportive activities for children.

‘International Women’s Day Activities’
Lectures by Gaya Koren and Carmit Efrati in which around 400 women participated. A cooperation with the Herzeliya Community Center organization.

Varied other activities took place, including yoga, Pilates, jogging with Anat Harel and folk dancing.