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Creating social value

an Asset

Gives weight to social and environmental considerations, when deciding to purchase property.


Planning which takes social and environmental needs into consideration, and provides solutions.


Creating temporary use of the property, for the benefit of the surrounding community.

Sale and

Examining the ethics and reputation of the purchasers, recommending to the buyers to maintain the social guidelines, or adding a refund clause.

Recent Projects

Rova 9

A social-community project

Art 9

Art Project in Tel Aviv

As part of our broad ethos of corporate and community responsibility, reality investment fund sees the importance of society and thus invests a mix of resources in cultivating and working with the various communities in the creation of social projects alongside its properties throughout the country. Such activities are conducted across a range of areas, including sustainability and economic empowerment, culture and leisure, education, mutual responsibility and community building

In this work, we collaborate with leaders in the community as well as with relevant authorities, education and social welfare entities, and others. Tana wahrhaft-ashkenazi, our community and government relations director, leads on our work in the community. Tana has extensive experience in social-business entrepreneurship, developing and managing social and community projects, and in partnership building. Tana is one of the entrepreneurs behind the zeze organisation, which is a home to content and to business-social-creative projects