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Social-Environmental Vision in the Betterment Process


Historical research of the property that combines social and environmental aspects when deciding to acquire a property.


Planning that takes long term public benefits, social and environmental needs under consideration.


Creating uses for the short term benefits of the community through cooperation with social organizations and associations.

Sale and

Examination of the ethics and reputation of the acquires to fulfill the plans for change in property designation.

The Responsibility & Potential in the Betterment Process

The betterment process has s significant impact on the
human, social, occupational and ecological fabric
of the property and its environment.

Reality Fund has an opportunity to create positive impact on the community and the environment of any property it owns, as part of responsible and proffesional conduct which supports its worldview.

The Reality Fund’s vision advocates values of trust, friendship, mutual respect and development.

Selected Projects

Rova 9

A social-community project

Art 9

Art Project in Tel Aviv