Who are we
To achieve potential together
through original, creative
and practical solutions

Reality is a one-of-a-kind private Fund, investing in the betterment of Israeli real estate. The Fund’s investment strategy focuses on real estate with significant betterment potential, a high level of complexity, and fast disposition possibilities, alongside distressed properties and income-producing properties with strong potential of creating significant value. Reality finances, owns and manages properties valued at over 4.5 billion Shekels.

Turning Potential Into Reality

The Fund aims to initiate and develop a new and value-added reality for properties by refining the buildings, the infrastructure, and the surrounding environment for the benefit of the residents and the entire area. As a result of its unique strengths, the Fund has proven abilities to locate attractive and unique properties nationwide and increase their value considerably, during both periods of recession as well as prosperity, in the real estate market.

Reality Fund carries out betterment activities in cooperation with the authorities and the surrounding community, serving as a significant catalyst in the increasing of Israel’s real estate supply.