Rova 9 is a social-community project initiated and led by Reality Fund, with the support of Tel Aviv Municipality.

The project is located at 52 Moshe Dayan Street in the Bet Barbur neighborhood, a central neighborhood on Tel Aviv’s East Side. The building, previously a Bezeq telephony exchange, was acquired by Reality Fund, which decided to use the space as a community project for public benefit while the property is under its ownership.

Rova 9 offers a variety of cultural and artistic activities throughout the day and night, designed for the general population: children, youth, students, families and the aged.

Rova 9 aims to:

• Conduct cultural and art events in the East Side neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.
• Initiate a dialogue with the community and encourage the diversity of people in the area to become involved.
• Provide a variety of round-the-clock cultural and artistic activities and classes.
• Create an active center at the heart of the community that encourages social contact and strengthens the connection to the neighborhood.

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